Project Description

Built to cook. Built to last.

You might already know, but Jonathan’s really into cooking & grilling — and has been a PK fanboy since about 2018. So when the guys at PK reached out you can guess how pumped we were to lend an extra hand (or more like 8).

As a rapidly growing brand, and things happening super fast, it helped a ton being really familiar with the product and understanding the culture / market. After just a few projects, the guys at PK slowly asked for more and more help — and we’ve lucked out getting to do everything from apparel & swag, to help with launching their Aaron Franklin signature model grill, creating in-store materials, designing a bunch of packaging, and even some video & animation.

Since then, PK has gotten into Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and even sold on Amazon — not saying it’s all thanks to us or anything, but it’s been awesome to be part of it and see good things happen for good people.