Project Description

The future of workforce education.

What started as a quick one-off project, quickly snowballed into a 500+ hour per month relationship — lasting about 4.5 years!

Think of a brand; there’s a great chance we’ve helped the InStride team pitch to them. Seriously.

We were fortunate enough to begin assisting the internal design team back in 2019, and quickly helped form a team to handle a wide range of capabilities — from production design, all the way to motion graphics & developing internal processes to make them as efficient as possible.

Support from JAS has helped InStride pitch to and onboard new clients with custom tailored copy, materials, and graphics.

JAS has grown with InStride to accommodate larger daily workloads and deadlines utilizing InStride’s current brand identity as well as the style of their partners, prospective partners, and academic learners — creating a rich experience that’s far from basic templates. We matched the needs of InStride to a skill and talent that evolved with the organization and changing technologies.

Designed materials for different audiences. Customized sales pitches to business leaders, created educational materials for managers, and informational materials for employees — all while maintaining a high level of attention to detail. Targeted advertising and multiplatform social media posts. Sourced video and photography for thousands of unique purposes. Created video boards, print flyers, landing pages, e-books, whitepapers, and blog designs to assist InStride in highlighting their identity and to assist their clients in the promotion of services.

400-500 hours/month

We built a 6-8 person team to complete 400-500 hours of design work each month to support InStride’s brand, sales, and marketing teams.

Major Brands

We’ve created designs for major brands on behalf of InStride; including Amazon, LabCorp, Carvana, Magna International, Intermountain Health, Medtronic, Chick-Fil-A, Banfield & more!


unique tasks, presentations, marketing collateral, animated videos, graphics, and projects completed with the InStride team – in just 4 years!