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The Daytripper Design

Vaya Con Dios Amigos

Chet Garner, host of the well-known PBS show The Daytripper came to us asking to create an app that would host all their episodes. We did him one better.

Chet has been pretty much everywhere you can imagine in Texas — from well-known landmarks to some completely obscure dives and hideaways. We took ALL the spots he’s been to along with photos, episodes, blog entries, podcasts, and trip data to create a unique adventure planning experience for their incredibly active fanbase.

Users can see what’s around just around the corner or create their own Texas-sized road trips inspired by Chet’s travels in an experience that’s miles ahead of aimlessly clicking around on Google Maps. Together, we helped Texans see that adventure is much closer than they realize.

The Daytripper App Design
Chet Garner
The Daytripper App Design
The Daytripper App