Project Description

Chiles and Smoke

Brad Prose, the owner and force behind Chiles and Smoke, has been putting out some incredible dishes & recipes over the years! And although things initially started off as a really impressive Instagram feed, he quickly gained a serious following and has turned it into his full-time profession that takes him all over the world — sharing his passion and skills with cooking & grilling enthusiasts.

The food Brad creates is far from your standard smoked & grilled meats — he really elevates not only the aesthetics of his dishes, but also introduces some unexpected flavors; and with an impressive amount of care and finesse.

Brad reached out for us to develop a full branding suite (not just a logo) to push his overall production level; and even create some merch, marketing materials, and his own line of seasonings!

*Plus he even published a cookbook before working with us — check it out!

Collaborating with Brad has been such an awesome time, and we’re so excited to be part of his story.